MDCN Exam: What To Do and Mistakes To Avoid

This is the second part of the three-part post on passing the Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria assessment exam. If you haven’t read the first part, click on this link to do so Medical and Dental Council of Nigeria(MDCN) Assessment Exam: Helpful Tips

Without further ado, let’s get right into it.

Firstly, I have to mention that the exam is written in two parts on separate days

Day one: Computer based test(CBT)

Day two: Physical examination, written and oral questions.

They may decide to change this but as of date, this is how the exam is structured.

What should you not do on the day of the exam? How about trying to not be late. Do not be late please, I know some of us like being late for everything, myself included(sometimes though) but on the day of the exam, do all you can to be on time.

Listen to the instructions that will be given and ask questions if the need arises

For the CBT, you have to come up with a plan on how to answer the questions. Being asked to answer 250 questions in two hours can be overwhelming, so try and be prepared, come up with a plan. For ours, we were given two hundred and fifty(250) questions to answer in two(2) hours, fifty of which were picture questions.

I started from picture questions and  then moved to MCQs. I skipped any MCQ that seemed hard with the hope of revisiting them, which I did.

On the day of the oral exam, try not to look unserious, dress modestly. As funny as this may sound, you may be failed for looking or acting unserious. Your body language is very important and do not laugh unnecessarily. Please do not provoke the gods.

When clerking, counselling or examining be as fast and as accurate as possible. Speed is important, you might be given three or five minutes per station, so you will need to be fast.

You might get stuck when clerking or counselling. If this happens, move on to the next question that comes to mind. You may lose points for disorderliness but the goal is to gather as many marks as possible.

When writing, do not abbreviate, write everything in full. An examiner may claim they couldn’t understand you because your answers were abbreviated. 

Also try as much as you can to be specific. For  instance, if  the answer to the question is CT scan, do not just write CT scan, mention the area of the body that is being scanned, e.g., CT scan of the head.

Lastly, be confident, you have worked hard for this exam and you are ready. You, like every other person, deserve to pass. All the best.