How to Make the Most of the New Year

See the full picture

Beyond the excitement, the buzz and the razzmatazz, it’s just another day. It doesn’t wipe out your past, you are not reborn, nothing changes. Just another day on the calendar. No magic happens. You wont see any change until you change. So, if your intention was to waltz into the new year with old limiting habits and beliefs, kindly salsa your way to the back. The dance is not for you. While it is good to be excited, it is not good to be deluded.



One can not go on in the same direction repeatedly in hopes that the destination would be different. If a particular method has failed to yield results, try another. Look back on your previous choices, reflect on past decisions, make adjustments, then relaunch. The past is a good building block for the future. And as the year unfolds, spend at least fifteen minutes daily to reflect on the previous day, week or month. Conscious living yields concrete results.


Recognise how much control you have over your life

Most of us like to think things just happen, that good things just fall on our laps and our fate is completely under the control of some cosmic sisters. As great as this sounds, it is absolutely ludicrous to think one plays no active role in the outcome of their life.

The saying “Success is when preparation meets opportunity” has been reiterated a million times, yet it still remains incomprehensible. It seems easier to blame something supernatural for the outcome of our lives than take responsibility for our actions and the role we play. If we want to transform our lives, we must first recognize the important role we play.


Take action

Beyond making new year resolutions, which to me is a waste of valuable time, more can be done. Create vision boards, start journaling, create to-do lists, budget, use apps that help you manage your time, start meditating, practice mindfulness, read more and do more. Take actionable steps towards becoming your most fulfilled self. These little things when done consistently together, produce tremendous results.


Manage your goals

Break your goals into tiny pieces, it will make them seem more achievable. And the amazing thing about achieving your goals is that you become strengthened to do more with everyone you achieve, like exercising. Daily goals, monthly goals, whatever they may be, categorise them and make them as clear as possible.


Practice gratitude

One of the major things that shifts our focus from ourselves to others is comparison. We want to see how far people have gone in comparison to where we are, we forget that there are different routes to a destination and no one’s journey is the same as another’s. And regardless of where we are at any point, it’s important to recognize how far we’ve come, and for this, we should be grateful. Keeping a gratitude journal, saying thank for every kind deed we receive and accepting appreciation are simple but effective ways of practicing gratitude.



Finally, live. Not in the past, filled with mistakes and regrets or in the future, filled with fear and worries but in the present, filled with hope and opportunities. Live in these moments. They come with great opportunities for growth, recognise them, and make the most of them. Reflect on the past, plan for the the future and live in the present.