Amba Ekpung Ekure M.D, founder of an uplifting blog that questions the status quo, teaches self-mastery, encourages self-discovery and advocates for abundant living.


Amba, medical doctor with a passion for self development. This led her to start while in medical school. 


Julia Carnet said, “little drops of water make the mighty ocean”. We are the little drops and the world is the ocean. The things we do and who we are has an effect on the entire universe, no matter how little.

I have always believed that I am a link to a thousand others and if I fail to do that which is required of me, there is a sixty percent chance that the lives linked to me may have a hard time fulfilling their purpose or worse, may never fulfil their purpose.

The mind- set that you are living not only for yourself  but for the next generation and the goal is to leave a legacy, will help put things into perspective. We can change the world, one life at a time. It starts with you.