The Concept of Femininity

The idea that a woman has to be a man to succeed in love and life does a great disservice to women. Being a woman is a superpower. The feminine energy can be easily likened to water. Delicate but powerful. It can tear through rocks, erode walls, and destroy cities. The fluidity of water is also one of its most fascinating attributes. Taking the shape of any containing vessel and creating new channels when necessary. Water undeniably is a powerful element, and so is the feminine energy.

Every human being has both feminine and masculine energy; however, only one is often dominant. The combination of these energies creates balance, like day and night, the sun and the moon, fire and ice, and the universe thrives on balance. When this balance is disrupted, chaos ensues. 

The concept of femininity does not challenge equality. Equal things can be different. Femininity acknowledges the peculiarity of certain traits to women and the symbiotic relationship that can exist between the sexes if these differences are acknowledged. For balance to be maintained in a relationship, both the feminine and masculine energy must be present.

For a woman who is more feminine than masculine, the role of leadership might not interest her. She would have no desire to direct the course of her relationship or the affairs of her home. She might, in several ways, try to influence things but will not automatically assume the leadership role. This is not the case for a woman whose dominant traits are masculine; she wouldn’t mind. One is not better than the other, but knowing one’s dominant energy, will prevent the battle of polarity. 

The battle of polarity happens when both the man and the woman have the same energy. If they are both primarily masculine, the relationship would be filled with arguments and fights. This is one of the primary causes of conflict in relationships.

Also, the idea that a woman can not be feminine and powerful is false. Some of the most powerful women in history were incredibly feminine. Femininity does not take away a woman’s strength. It does not ask a woman to be either smart or seductive, weak or self-reliant, feminine or powerful; it encourages a woman to be authentic, to live freely, and honestly. A feminine woman can still be an accomplished woman; she can comfortably tap into her masculinity when the need arises. Femininity is not something to be ashamed of. The desire to connect, the need to nurture, the art of seduction, and the gift of foresight are some of the most prominent feminine traits. These traits, when utilized correctly, can make a woman the most powerful creature in existence. 

It is not logical to say to a body of water “become as hot as fire” or to say to a burning flame, “become cold.” Neither of these elements can change their composition. They are both powerful.