First Date Ideas That are Better Than Movie Dates

Sitting in a crowded room watching a movie that probably sucks while struggling to eat a giant bowl of pop corn is a terrible way to spend two hours of your life with a stranger whom you’d like to know. You’ll never get the chance to find out if your date thinks aliens are real. So, before you go to the movies for a first date, pause for a minute to think if there are better options; because there are! As an advocator for a fuller life, a life filled with beautiful memories and excitement, I have decided to help by creating a list of first dates ideas that are better than movie dates. Enjoy!

Have Dinner Together

This is a classic. From picking a place to getting dressed, everything about a dinner screams effort. What better way to show your interest than in putting in effort?

A dinner date will give you the chance to converse with your date, hear what they are actually saying and pick up important cues. After the end of the date, you would most likely be able to tell if there will be a second date or not. 

Visit Interesting Places

If you are worried about not having what to talk about at dinner or if a dinner date puts too much pressure on both of you, you can visit interesting places instead. Going to a place that gives you a lot to talk about is always a great option, it removes the awkwardness and gives you a chance to know what interests your date. Example of such places are museums, zoos, and historical sites.

Be Competitive

They say that most partners start off as rivals and a healthy relationship is one that has room for a little competition. So, if you would rather start off playing tug of war, please do. Other competitive activities are:

Kayaking: Where better to sing sweet music to your would-be lover than on a lake  where swans and lilies will bear witness to your love.

Bowling: Who doesn’t like playing with balls?

Pool: More balls!

Attend Events

 If you have an upcoming event, you can ask your date to accompany you. It could be a friend’s birthday or a wedding. However, not everyone performs well under pressure. Attending an event together with a date comes with the burden of explaining who they are to friends and family. So it is best to attend events neither of you have any affiliation to. Search for upcoming events in your city, such as open mics, concerts and exhibitions. What better way to start a relationship than on an adventure? Crash a party if you must.

Be Artistic

Attend a pottery class or visit an art gallery. Art is subjective and since you and your partner will be trying to defend your love for a piece of art, you will never run out of things to say or argue about.

Plan a Picnic

Just like a dinner, a picnic requires a lot of effort. Choosing the right place, making or buying the food and coming up picnic activities requires a lot of thoughtfulness. So it is a good way to show your interest.

Regardless of what you decide to do, take into consideration it’s affordability and choose an environment that will give you the chance to engage in deep meaningful conversation with your date. Getting to know someone can be fun especially when it is done correctly under the right circumstances. Therefore, consider the following points when planning a date: the dynamics of the relationship, affordability, comfort and convenience. In as much as you would like to impress your date, you do not want to be stretched beyond your limit, neither would you want to put them in an uncomfortable position, so be resourceful. Flowers bloom under the right conditions and so do relationships.