Is A Long Distance Relationship Worth It?

Falling in love has to be the greatest coincidence there ever was, two people deciding to love each other at the same time has to be a very rare coincidence. They say when it comes to true love, we do not choose who we love, and some times we are lucky to find love within a ten-miles radius, other times our love falls deeply on someone so far away. This long distance lover of ours could be in another city, country, continent or a different planet entirely. Even when the distance is enough to make us run the other way, we still choose to dive right in. This is quite understandable, temporal distance should not stop us from experiencing something that could last forever. 

Bravery isn’t the only requirement for Long Distance Relationships (LDRs). Understanding, communication, trust and honesty are just as important. 
All of these things are also important for a ten-miles radius relationship, they are the building blocks of every relationship especially one between lovers.

Relationships require a lot of effort, and everyone knows that LDRs require more effort. So why do people get into them, knowing fully well that it can be as difficult as one of Hercules’ Labours. 

Beyond the quest to find love, to create something that will outlive us, a number of other reasons ensue people take on this behemoth quest of loving someone so far away. I asked a couple of people in LDRs for their opinion and even did an Instagram pool, here are the results:

M1: “If someone had asked me months before I met her I would have said it was a no brainer for me. But when we started going out, it all became a possibility. Lol, because she is the only girl I want to be with, I just know. It doesn’t seem that hard though, the only thing is that we don’t have the physical connection. But it’s always like we re together because we are in constant communication”

M2: “I trust my partner and she’s worth keeping”. 

M3: “I just really want to be with her”

F: “I want to be with him no matter What, he makes me so happy. It gets hard sometimes but he’s worth it”. 

M4: “I fell in love, unexpectedly” 

M5: “Because it’s worth, she’s worth it”.

Instagram Poll

Funny thing is, the people I spoke to, never knew they were going to be in LDRs. As a matter of fact, they hated LDRs priorly. If being with someone who you are in close proximity to is your preference, that’s fine, however I strongly feel people shouldn’t write off long distance relationships completely because love can be found in the strangest places. 

Personally, I think long distance relationships are worth it, although being away from someone for long can take its toll. One minute you are fine, next minute you are in tears because of how much you miss them. Don’t get me started on how you have to become so conscious of time if there is a difference in time zones.
Lest I forget, spending your extra cash on flight tickets and hotel bills is something that you will have to get used to. LDRs require a lot, a whole lot, some days will be tougher than others and on such days you might even want to shed a tear but when you remember how much you love your SO, the frustration becomes bearable. The hope that some day you will be waking up right next to love of your life every morning, becomes your motivation. Hopefully in the end, it will all be worth it.