MDCN Exam: Waiting For The Result

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After the end of the exam, there are three sets of people: Those confident that they will pass, those who think they will fail, lastly where most people under, those in between.

Regardless of the group you fall under, one thing is for sure: Life as you know it, is going to change.

After months of preparation, sleepless nights and countless hours of reading, everything comes to an end in hours. You have to wait a number of days for the results, that’s when emotions begin to kick in, anxiety, worry, and regret start to get the best of you.


Now that you have written the exam, its time for you to relax. There isn’t so much that you can do at this point, you gave it your best and hopefully, you will pass.

While you await the result, here are a few things you shouldn’t do:

Do not open your books, no matter how tempting it may be, avoid looking up answers. This will only make you depressed.

Do not ask people for their answers. They probably will not remember, so don’t bother.

Avoid arguments about what answers were right or wrong. On my way back from the exam, I came across a fellow candidate who insisted that one of the questions was an X-ray of a female with breast abscess. I knew it was an X-ray of a woman with pleural effusion but he was so sure of his answer, so I let him be. Honestly, he sounded very convincing, if I wasn’t sure of what I wrote, I would have started sweating profusely. Please, avoid such people.

Don’t beat yourself up for the mistakes you made. Ha! This one was what I struggled with, all the mistakes I made haunted me for days until I finally decided to stop letting things I had no control over rob me of my happiness.

There’s a chance that you may not pass, so why waste this time being unhappy. You will have the chance to be miserable when the result comes out. Until then, breathe.

Avoid thinking you underperformed.

Lastly, do not lose faith, pray, keep praying. Let your faith be greater than your fear.

If you succeed, enjoy your success. Do not let anyone make you feel do not deserve it. If you don’t, cheer up, work harder, try again and have a plan B. You are not a failure, it’s just a phase, it will pass.