Beautiful Until the World Says Otherwise

 A few days ago my friends and I were invited to an event. A fancy event that required a magnificent attire, good makeup, and a cheerful spirit. We had every intention of rising to the occasion. Unfortunately, one of my friends didn’t have the perfect bra for her dress and that spelled doom. Her boobs would not be perky or high to her neck, almost strangling her as she was accustomed to. The thought of letting her boobs sit on their own without any support, in public, was foreign to her, it made her feel less attractive.

They say beauty is skin deep yet the fact that it is also relative and capricious can not be ignored. Staying beautiful in a world that’s constantly changing is daunting. Today you are beautiful enough but tomorrow, you might not be as fortuitous. There was a time when the ideals of beauty were different from what they are today. Curvy women with massive bosoms were the model of beauty centuries ago, subsequently, a time came when skinny women became the paradigm of beauty.

In ancient Greece for a woman to be called beautiful, her face had to be two-thirds as wide as they were long and perfectly symmetrical. Unfortunately, a lot of women wouldn’t have measured up to these standards and would have been everything but beautiful.

Some regions also took into consideration other attributes like charisma, charm, eloquence, and sensuality. In some parts of the world, women walked around naked, with their bosom dancing to the rhythm of their steps. They were adorned in perfume and taught the art of seduction. But even with all this, they were still oppressed and objectified. Regardless of how hard they tried to live up to society’s expectations, some of them were never enough.

If my friend had been born in a time when having perky massive boobs wasn’t a criterion for beauty, when women strode about without strings and metals that lifted their breasts, she wouldn’t have had a care in the world. The challenge to be beautiful has always been present and has become harder with every passing decade. The pressure of being beautiful is put on every woman and only a few have found a way to escape.

Our standards of beauty change like the seasons, despite this obvious fact, we are still being saddled by the need to be beautiful even when we know the world can call us ugly if we no longer fit in the trend of the season. In a time when the need to have perky boobs, smooth skin, full lips, a flat stomach, a tiny waist, a huge thigh gap, and a big bum has become the hallmark of beauty, what becomes of those unfortunate enough to be “ordinary, ugly and flawed”? Even though beautiful in many ways, will they ever be beautiful enough?

Maybe someday, when their society changes its standards. And the woman beautiful today will become ugly tomorrow because her society says so.